EcoCraft’s approach to our work is based on listening to your vision and assessing your needs. Our goal is to make you feel understood and confident throughout the process. Together, we examine the pros and cons of important choices and decide the best option for you based on your needs and budget. In addition to our thoughtful approach, our business is built on the foundation of a few key elements:


At EcoCraft, we believe that integrity and trust create the foundation on which good relationships are built. That’s why we incorporate transparency in our pricing, with cost-plus contracts that foster an open and honest connection, and the use of project management software, called CoConstruct, which allows you to clearly see the costs of labor, materials, and subcontractors as they accrue. This means you’ll be positioned to make informed decisions about your options, and your budget, at every step of your project. You will only pay for what is actually done, plus a contractor’s fee. You will not get overcharged for possible discretionary charges usually attached to fixed-price contracts to “pad” their price.


EcoCraft is proud to be able to offer a complete design build experience. We are highly skilled at helping you take your visions and working with them to create even better designs. The creative process that takes place here is why we love our work so much. Problem solving to make the best situation even better and finish with an extraordinary design complete with engineering and ready for permit to build. Our connection between designer and builder during the entire process is what makes a design build successful.


The Field Issuance Remodel Program (FIR) is a residential remodeling program benefiting contractors working on projects in Portland, Oregon city limits. The program streamlines the often difficult permitting and inspection processes. Contractors in this program receive permits and inspections much more quickly than usual. Standards are in no way lessened, but thanks to a single on-site inspector, the communication and overall process are seamless. This also benefits homeowners, who appreciate a shorter time frame for their project. Projects can be completed with greater ease and more speed. EcoCraft is proud to be a registered member of Portland’s FIR program.


This one is so important to us that it’s part of our name! We’re dedicated to the idea that sustainable building makes a home better. Why? Your EcoCraft home benefits:

  • Personal Health: Home containing natural materials won’t off-gas potentially dangerous toxins
  • Cost Savings: Will contain energy-efficient systems and materials
  • Home Value: Homes built with these efficiencies hold more value and have insurance benefits
  • Reduce Climate Change: These homes have a reduced impact on the environment

You’ll love knowing that your custom or remodeled home contains the beauty of natural products and the cost savings of energy-efficient techniques and materials. Ask us about LEED Certification. Learn more about our sustainability.


With years of experience in conventional and sustainable building practices, EcoCraft knows the guiding questions that will develop your vision and turn your dream into reality.

Whether you want a home where your family can thrive for decades or you want to stamp your personality into a livable masterpiece, we have the tools and experience to make it happen.


Steve Patio

“Our new patio is amazing! Thank you so much, we will be enjoying it for years to come!”

— Steve, June 2022

Rick Theater Room

“The final product looks great! Thanks to Kelly for all his hard work and for the professional manner.”

— Rick C., April 2022