Convert an unused basement or extra yard into living space

If you need extra space in your home but don’t want to go through the hassle of moving, then let’s talk about how we can improve your home with a gorgeous addition. After all, a beautifully designed and crafted home addition can have a significant impact on your happiness and satisfaction!

Our skilled team specializes in a variety of home addition projects, including second story additions, kitchen and bathroom expansions, and single room additions. Whether you want your addition to make a unique statement or seamlessly blend into your home’s existing look, EcoCraft will expand your house so you can enjoy it for years to come.


Clean, thoughtful and organized interiors

A thoughtful home addition has the power to ease pain points without the expense and hassle of moving to a new house. If your current home isn’t meeting your needs, EcoCraft can help.

We’ll start by listening to your concerns and dreams, and together we’ll determine the best way to add more space — whether it’s a master suite, a spacious bathroom, or a home gym. Let’s customize your living space and make it uniquely yours!

Not only will you love the flexibility and usability that your new addition home provides, you’ll appreciate the added value. Additions are a great investment — they help you stay in your home longer, and you recuperate much of the cost when you do go to sell your home. Of course, the exact amount that your addition will appreciate depends on a variety of factors, such as the type of addition, your location, and your home’s condition.


These projects are the ultimate way to add space and functionality to your home. Whether adding a new bedroom, a living room, or a playroom, you’ll love the flexibility and increased value that your full home addition can provide.

Full additions can be a complicated endeavor that require time, money, and a variety of subcontractors but EcoCraft’s contractor is ready to effortlessly guide you through the process.

We’ll ensure your home addition is completed on time, and our cost-plus contracts will keep you in control of the budget.


Make space for your busy life

You may know exactly where you want to add to your home, or you might not be sure if you have enough space. Luckily, our experts are skilled at finding the perfect home addition for your needs. There are a variety of additions that might work for your property.

Bump outs

Bump outs are a great way to add space when there’s not a lot to spare. Built onto the side of the house, a bump out adds meaningful square footage to a small kitchen or bathroom.

It might create a pantry, a breakfast nook, or a gorgeous bathroom. If your living room can’t comfortably accommodate your family or you can’t fit a king-size bed into your bedroom, then a bump out is an affordable way to improve the quality of your home life.


Sunroom additions are especially popular in the Portland, Oregon area. Often enclosing a deck or patio area, sunrooms can be unheated areas designed to enjoy the weather without sacrificing comfort.

Or they can be fully heated and cooled rooms to enjoy year-round. Sunrooms make light-filled areas for growing plants, painting, or reading.


A conversion changes the purpose of an existing space. Common applications include modifying a basement to become a mother-in-law suite or adding an apartment over a garage.

These high-value additions can add a significant amount of space and drastically change how you use your home.