Sometimes the spaces we live in need a transformation, either to help them reflect the times or our own transformations more accurately. EcoCraft has years of experience in listening to the visions of our clients and translating those visions into wood, stone, tile and brick. Creating new space for new additions to the family, or opening up new specialized rooms for changing interests and needs can add beauty, value and longevity to our homes. We are committed to quality and to sustainable work that brings new life and charm to the spaces that we inhabit daily.

When the recognition dawns that our lives have grown beyond the walls of our homes, sometimes the only thing to do is expand those walls! Focusing on the how and where of the best places to add square footage to your house becomes much easier with a skilled and experienced company that is anchored in the community. Helping to shape the growth and expansion of your existing home in a way that is both aesthetic and to your specifications is our pleasure AND proficiency.