An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is both a popular and useful way to increase your property’s potential value and create new space for your endeavors. These rentable spaces have been a key component of Portland’s densification growth plan. While the increase of value to your property is great, there is also a potentially substantial monthly income, or flexibility for growing or changing families. EcoCraft has built several of these ADU’s ranging from cute mother-in-law flats, to high-end eco-friendly rentals. These spaces can also extend a single family home and be used as an additional living or working space.

We built a yoga studio with a kitchenette and steam room that provided the home owner with an additional 1,000 sf of living space – a great improvement for previously unused space above a garage. Whatever the dream, goal, or desire, let EcoCraft help create and build a new living space that suits your individual, family, or economic needs.