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EcoCraft LLC is an eco-friendly construction business based in Portland, Oregon.

Accessory Dwelling Units – ADU’s

An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is both a popular and useful way to increase your property’s potential value and create new space for your endeavors. Whatever the dream, goal, or desire, let EcoCraft help create and build a new living space that suits your individual, family, or economic needs.

Custom Homes

EcoCraft can also build your dream home from the foundation up. Together, we can build a home that will reflect you through every board, joint, and angle. EcoCraft connects to your vision, then creates the plans, frame, and foundation to create a stable and sustainable form of that vision that you can live, love, and thrive in! Contact us today.

Remodels & Additions

Sometimes the spaces we live in need a transformation, either to help them reflect the times or our own transformations more accurately. Focusing on the how and where of the best places to add square footage to your house becomes much easier with a skilled and experienced company that is anchored in the community.

Decks, Patios & Saunas

These spaces are the threshold between our homes and the natural world, and can really be showpieces that reflect who we are. At EcoCraft, we have deep and broad experience in building in and around the landscapes of yards, creating seamless transitions between nature and your dreams.

Kitchens & Baths

These two areas are places where you are likely to spend a good portion of your time, and transforming them into unique rooms of refreshment and regeneration enhances the pleasure of being in them. From custom cabinets and countertops to heated floors and tilework, these spaces can transform from merely functional into warm and reflective spaces.

Floors & Fine Finishes

From floors, to trim, to walls, fine finishes are a critical aspect to the beauty of our homes, and where our personal flourishes can really shine. Professional painting and detail work can make living and entertaining a pleasure as rooms gain a new glow and radiance.

Professional work by professional people
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“Your home should be your sanctuary, reflecting your values, passions and spirit back to you. What journeys you can venture on when a welcoming home awaits your return. ”
– Eddie Hooker, Owner

Caring for your home increases its value

The primary value being how your home cares for you

Don’t leave nature at the door.
If you connect with nature outdoors, why not bring it into your home?

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