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EcoCraft LLC is an eco-friendly construction business based in Portland, Oregon.

Painting & Restoration

Many of Portland’s homes were built 100 years ago, when craftsmanship and detail were common. These can be coaxed back to life, given the respect they deserve. Honor our shared heritage by restoring your old home.

Remodeling & Additions

Upgrading worn out rooms has a silver lining. Design to streamline your day, vitalize your downtime, and create a welcoming home. All your favorite activities need an appropriate place to unfold.

Decks & Patios

The extension of your home – the in-between space, a threshold that crosses the boundary between your home and nature. Reconnect with nature in comfort.

Professional work by professional people
Quality and satisfaction guaranteed

Baths & Kitchens

These areas can wear quickly, because we do use them every day. We have a step-by-step guide to tame the complexities and choices. We want you to see past the detailed decisions, and imagine the places that will care for both your body and spirit, on a daily basis.

Floors & Fine Finishes

Restore your old scratched and stained floors to their original beauty. In a short time you’ll remember the reasons why you love wood floors… Fine finishes throughout the house bring out the character in the wood grain – each can be a natural masterpiece.

Natural Building

Let our Team of Natural Building experts build your refuge away from civilizations norms. We can incorporate green and natural building to infuse you with the elements of the Earth and make it Home.

“Your home should be your sanctuary, reflecting your values, passions and spirit back to you. What journeys you can venture on when a welcoming home awaits your return. ”
– Eddie Hooker, Owner

Caring for your home increases its value

The primary value being how your home cares for you

Don’t leave nature at the door.
If you connect with nature outdoors, why not bring it into your home?

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